• PR and Communication Model 

    A new project from the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management


  • The Global Alliance PR and Communications Model

    In 2012, Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management adopted the Melbourne Mandate, a research-based vision of the communicative organization and the emerging role and value of public relations and communication management.


    The Melbourne Mandate process was led by a core team of practitioners and academics and engaged professionals from approximately 30 countries and earned widespread attention in the public relations community at the time.


    While the Melbourne Mandate remains both relevant and aspirational, the increasing value of intangible assets in companies and the consolidation of the “reputation and intangible's economy”, create a need and opportunity to review and provide from the Global Alliance perspective, a new global PR and Communication Model, with a holistic view to making it a durable, sustainable and global consensus-based expression of what is the future of communications and intangible assets management.


    Presently, the Global Alliance is developing, in collaboration with Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership as knowledge partner, a new roadmap for enhancing the role of PR and Corporate Communication and be agreed in a collaborative, deliberative and consensual process in a large-scale research project with GA members and other relevant professionals.


    Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership is a leading research, knowledge and training centre specialized in the management and measurement of intangible assets as reputation, communication, brand, public relations, public affairs, social intelligence and corporate governance.


    New model report


    This new Global PR and Communication Model, is being developed based on current and previous relevant research and thinking about the future of communication, reputation, purpose, company brand and public relations; as well as on a research questionnaire that let us include the vision of hundreds of professionals and experts in this field of knowledge from all over the world.


    The report that will be launched on December, even though the World Public Relations Forum 2020 has been postponed. Stay tuned!



    A new project from the Global Alliance in partnership with Corporate Excellence - Centre for Reputation Leadership